#authtraveljournalists at Yperia 2016

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amorgos_2A group of #authtraveljournalists participated among tourism professionals, Journalists and producers at the YPERIA International Convention on the island of Amorgos, in Greece.

The convention was organised by the Womens Cultural Association of Tholaria, Amorgos, and Aegialis Hotel & Spa and was held from October 12th to October 17th 2016 in Aegiali, Amorgos Island, Greece.

The event was organized around three axes:
– Everyday visits and walks around the Island – as a press trip
– Conferences in the evening on culture and sustainable tourism
– Screenings of The International Short Tourism Film Festival of Amorgos

During YPERIA Convention, participants discovered the island, walked the ancient hiking paths, visited the historical monuments, collected aromatic herbs from the mountains, visited the essential oil distillery laboratory, enjoyed local products, attended traditional festivities and got introduced to the work of different artists through exhibitions (ceramic, photography, handicraft).

The 7th International Short Tourism Film Festival of Amorgos took also place in the context of YPERIA 2016.

The main scope of discussion of YPERIA 2016 was: “ECOLOGY AND TRADITION: Prospects for the future with the following topics:

  • Folk culture and development in small islands
  • European Hiking Trail Certification
  • Protection of nature and development in Natura network areas
  • The cultural dimension of local products
  • The Monastery of Panagia Chozoviotissa, in process of inclusion in UNESCO World Heritage List
  • Pilot reforestation project in Langada, Amorgos
  • The local products of Amorgos
  • The promotion of tourism and culture through films


This educational student excursion and experiential field research activity was supported by the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and the Aegialis Hotel & Spa in Amorgos.